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Live Product Guarantee

Thank you for taking the time to read our product guarantee carefully. We have attempted to create a guarantee that is straight-forward and specific so that there is no confusion.

In the event of a Dead-On-Arrival (DOA), you have two choices
  1. You will receive a credit towards future purchase for the number of worms or insect cultures lost, or
  2. We will reship the replacements free of charge on our next ship day. However, if you choose to have the order reshipped, we cannot give any refunds or credits after a second failure. Re-Shipments will be via Priority Mail.
This Live Guarantee WILL NOT BE IN EFFECT under the following circumstances:
  1. We cannot offer a live guarantee for shipment to daytime high temperatures of 90° and above or to daytime high temperatures of 40° and below, regardless of time in transit. Shipment to such temperatures is at your own risk.
    This is the daytime high temperature, not the temperature at time of delivery. Heat packs should be ordered if high temperatures in the destination city are below 40°. Please order a hot pack at the store on the bottom of each product page. Hot packs are $2.50 plus 1 lb. extra shipping weight.
    Please Contact Us regarding shipment to extreme temperatures.
  2. If your priority mail shipment takes longer than three days to reach you (a rare occurrence) and the high temperature is above 40 and below 90 degrees F, the live guarantee will be amended as follows: We will reship the order free of product charge, but the customer must pay for reshipping costs.
  3. We cannot offer reshipments, refunds or credits after a second DOA failure.
  4. In order for the live guarantee to remain in effect, the customer must notify us of DOA's or other problems within 24 hours after receiving the order. DOA notifications must be made via email so that we will have a written record of the problem.
  5. Claims due to carrier mistakes or delay must be handled through the carrier.
  6. We DO ship to Alaska, but DO NOT offer a live guarantee
•In the event of a DOA, DO NOT DISCARD THE DEAD ITEM(s). Doing so may void your live guarantee. We may require that the item(s) be returned to us or USPS may need to inspect and document the damage when filing a claim.
•If your praying mantis egg case does not hatch, we may replace it if the customer pays shipping. Other items purchased with egg cases or items in a kit (such as fruit flies, fruit fly supplies or other living food for the mantises) will not be replaced in the event your egg case does not hatch.
• We do not give refunds.
• Orders are shipped with 10% more worms than the stated quantity to cover any incidental DOA's.
• Reshipments and credits will not include food ordered with silkworms.
  Fruit fly food containers should be kept in the fridge until replacement flies arrive- we will only resend the flies.

Guarantee After Arrival
Once the customer has taken possession of the live feeder, The Fruit Fly Shop cannot offer a further live guarantee. Even if you follow the directions exactly, something could happen. The product may be subject to an adverse environment, such as airborne bacteria, hot sunlight, moist conditions, cigarette smoke and on and on. We provide care sheets and we attempt to educate the consumer about product care on this website, however, the cultures and worms may quickly die due to any numbers of circumstances completely beyond our control.

There are seldom problems in keeping all of the critters we sell for an extended period. The best care is common sense. Also, please take a minute to read the care sheet that comes with our fruit fly cultures, silkworms and other critters.

Read About the Product and its Care Here.

Many customers attempt to raise silkworms to moth stage and the eggs to hatching stage. While The Fruit Fly Shop encourages such attempts, we know it is not an easy thing to do, and we cannot be held responsible for any losses after arrival.

Does Someone Have to Be Home for the Order?
Someone must be home when the order is delivered. Live insects cannot be left outside on a porch. Packages left outside may be subject to excessive heat and sun or cold. They may be infested by ants, which will kill the live merchandise.

Special Shipping Instructions
We Cannot Accommodate Special Delivery Instructions, such as "Leave package at the side of the house behind bush" or "Deliver between 1 and 2pm" or "Deliver to front door, not mail box." Postal carriers usually do not read or follow such instructions written on the package, and we have no control over what time orders are delivered. Although we will usually write the instructions given on the box, we will not be held responsible for DOA's resulting from the failure of mail carriers to follow special shipping instructions or from shipments not delivered at a specific time of the day or week.

Other Considerations About Our Guarantee
  • A few worms or fruit flies may die during shipping.
    Therefore, we always provide more of the product than the stated amount.
  • The Fruit Flies may be dormant if conditions are cool or too hot. Allow some time before judging its condition and before feeding to your pets.
  • Don't mistake skin castings for dead silkworms.
  • The number one cause of DOA's is heat during shipping. If destination temperatures are below 90° and above 40° F, the heat / cold shouldn't be a problem. However, even in mild temperatures, the product should not be sitting outside in the sun/wind for any amount of time.
Living Items cannot be returned. Fruit Fly Culture Kits cannot be returned. Silkworm food cannot be returned.

Non-Living items can be returned (unused) within 30 days of purchase at the buyer's expense for exchange. You will be issued a store credit for the amount of the returned product. The original shipping amount will not be credited.

Order Cancellations
All orders that are cancelled after being placed will incur a $2.50 service charge.

Thank you for understanding our product guarantee. While DOA's are seldom a problem, we strive to provide our valued customers with the protection we believe you deserve.
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